Getting Started with Qubitro

Get Started with Qubitro

Qubitro is a Device Data Platform (DDP) for developers that provides the tools, workflows, and infrastructure you need to develop solutions faster, without the need for manual integration of multiple services.

Qubitro supports popular data sources out-of-the-box and provides tools for real-time collaboration on your projects combined with scalable infrastructure.

Before you begin

To get started, create an account with Qubitro. By creating an account, you’ll automatically be on a Starter plan. The starter plan is a free tier plan to help you get started without the need for a credit card.

Your personal account can then be added to an organization. Organizations are on the Enterprise plan.

Start building

Once you create an account, you can create projects and connect data sources.

Create a project

Creating a project is the first step to seamlessly connecting and managing diverse data sources. Learn more about how to create and manage projects.

Connect a data source

Qubitro supports popular data sources out-of-the-box. Jump to Devices page to learn more about how to create and work with data sources.

Start building

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