Qubitro ThingPark integration.
This guide will help you integrate ThingPark devices with Qubitro.

Get Credentials

Project ID and Webhook Signing Key are necessary for the integration.
If you haven't already created a project on Qubitro, log in to the Qubitro portal and create a new project.
Click on the created project from the left menu, click on Add device and choose Actility.
Required credentials will appear for the integration. You may also access these credentials later under the Credentials and Projects Settings tab.

Add Connection on ThingPark Console

Choose Qubitro in connection list.
Paste Project ID and Webhook Signing Key into the corresponding fields.
You can see metrics and credentials under details page.

Observe Devices and Device Data

Refresh the device list and make sure all devices are synchronized.
Then click on any of the devices and check the data. If you don't see the data, make sure that the payload formatter is enabled.