The Things Stack
Qubitro The Things Stack integration.
This guide will help you integrate The Things Stack devices with Qubitro.
Optional, follow guidance on The Things Stack documentation.
Qubitro The Things Stack Documentation

Get Credentials

Project ID and Webhook Signing Key are necessary for the integration.
If you don't already created a project on Qubitro, log in to the Qubitro portal and create a new project.
Click on the project from the left menu, click on the Settings tab and copy the PROJECT ID
Qubitro Project Settings
Click on the API under the Account section on the navigation menu and copy HTTP Webhook Signing Key

Add Webhook on The Things Network

If you don't already have an application on The Things Network, log in to the TTN Console and create a new application.
Click on Integrations > Webhooks under the application menu.
The Things Network Webhooks
Click on the + Add webhook button on the top-right of the page and choose Qubitro from the list.
Qubitro - The Things Network
Paste Project ID and Webhook Signing Key into the corresponding fields.

Observe The Data

Click on the Data tab under the device and confirm the data. At the moment, Qubitro automatically parses the decoded payload from the uplink message.
Qubitro Device Data

Get The Benefits

Since the integration is complete, get the benefits of the Qubitro features.
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