Connect ESP32-based boards with the Qubitro MQTT package.


This example uses Qubitro MQTT Client that offers a custom naming convention for easier development. It is possible to use any 3rd party MQTT Client with the following requirements.
For example, it is possible to use the WiFiClientSecure library to connect MQTT over TLS with 8883 port.


The helpful naming conventions for 3rd party MQTT libraries.
Value Name
Qubitro Equivalent
User Name
Device ID
User Password
Device Token
Client ID
Device ID
Production port
Development/Test port


Subscribe and Publish Example

The following code connects to your wireless network, generates simulated sensor values, and publishes them to the Qubitro.
Example output:
Connecting to WiFi...
WiFi Connected.
Local IP:
RSSI: -50
Connecting to Qubitro...
Connected to Qubitro.
Sensor value 1: 20
Sensor value 2: 40

WifiClientSecure Example

Support and Feedback

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