Payload Formatters

Payload Formatter for LoRaWAN™ platform sources.
A Payload Formater takes a buffer as well as the port of the message and normalizes data on-the-fly to be stored.
Device payload formatters allow you to specify a unique payload formatter for each device.

Getting started

First, for Qubitro to be able to decode the data coming from integration, you need to create an uplink payload formatter. Payload formatter can be created on Qubitro.
The example uplink payload formatter is shown below.
The returned value must be a JSON object with the 'data' key.
function decodeUplink(input) {
return {
data: {
temperature: input.bytes[0],
humidity: input.bytes[1]

JavaScript Payload Formatter

Qubitro supports JavaScript payload formatter. You can find further documentation down below.


Once the payload formatter is set up correctly, it is possible to utilize all Qubitro features, including visualizing data and building custom applications with Qubitro APIs and make your life much easier.
You can find some of the examples and documentation down below.

Working with APIs

It is possible to utilize Qubitro APIs for various scenarios. Visit API documentation below to learn more.

Support and Feedback

If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to join
-> Qubitro Community Discord via this invitation link.