Qubitro Loriot source integration.
Qubitro has no-code source integration support for Loriot.

Configure Source Integration

1. Select a project from the left navigation menu and click New source at the top right of the toolbar.
Qubitro Loriot integration.
2. Select Loriot in the LoraWAN section and click Continue.
Qubitro Loriot integration.
3. This is where you get the required credentials. Keep the popup open and go to the Loriot application.
Qubitro Loriot integration.
You can access the webhook signing key and project id from the API Keys page and project settings tab, respectively.

Configure Loriot Output

4. Click Output on the left menu, click Add new output and choose HTTP Push.
Qubitro Loriot integration.
5. Enter or paste credentials into the corresponding fields and click the Accept button.
Qubitro Loriot integration.

Verify Integration

On the project detail page, refresh the device list at the top right of the toolbar. Qubitro automatically provisions the device that the notification target is enabled.
Qubitro Loriot integration.

Payload Formatting

Qubitro has built-in payload formatter support for non-formatted binary data, and it is required for this source to work expediently.
Qubitro Loriot integration.
Once you configure and save the payload formatter, click the Data tab and refresh the data table to observe decoded data.
Qubitro Loriot integration.

Support and Feedback

If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to join
-> Qubitro Community Discord via this invitation link.
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