Qubitro and Loriot integration.
Loriot offers distributed LoRaWAN® infrastructure and an easy-to-use software platform. This guide will help you integrate the Loriot LoRaWAN server with Qubitro.

You can easily integrate your Loriot devices with Qubitro in several steps. All you have to do is follow our guide steps.

First, if you don't have any current projects, you need to create a new one to get the Target URL and Custom "Authorization" header value. These two credentials are essential for our integration steps.
You can get your credentials under the Settings tab if you already have a project.
After logging in to our portal, click on the new project from the top left.

When you choose devices, make sure that you select Loriot.
Then there will be quick details about the integration process. After clicking continue, you will get credentials for your integration. You can easily copy it right away or find it under the credentials tab from the left bar any time, you whenever.
Now switch to the Loriot application page to paste these values into the corresponding fields.

Jump to the application you want to sync with Qubitro and click Output on the left menu.
Click Add new output and choose HTTP Push. You can also edit existing output if you already created one.
Paste credentials into the corresponding fields.

Qubitro supports converting binary data on the fly under the device page.
If you want to create payload formatters on the Qubitro end, visit the related page below.

If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to join
-> Qubitro Community Discord via this invitation link.
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