Developing Clients

Choose your language of choice on Linux/BSD systems

Many times in connected embedded you may deal with a high level system where you want to develop your own client to connect to Qubitro. These may be made for either Linux or BSD embedded clients and we provide guides on how to work with the most popular languages below. All of the examples use MQTT for a connection which is an industry standard messaging protocol, other connections will require implementations specific to the application.

Develop with C

Many embedded systems use the low level language C/C++ which is known for its performance and small footprint. This is the language of choice for operating systems, real time applications, drivers, and constrained environments.

Develop with Python

Python is a flexible interpreted language which is high level and is known for being platform agnostic and easy to learn. Very popular for prototyping and in data science but has computational safety related concerns.

Develop with Ruby

Similarly as to Python, Ruby is a high level interpreted language however was made to be truly object oriented. It is itself a ISO standard and was common in web and Japanese industrial applications.

Develop with NodeJS

Develop with Go

Golang is a modern userspace scheduled language with a focus on concurrency, Its very popular in modern server and distributed applications, and is very good for say handling many messages.

Develop with Rust

Meant as a replacement to C, Rust is a modern systems programming language with the express focus on computational safety with guaranteed memory safety at compile time. Its also known for being fast during runtime after compilation.