Toit Connector
Connect ESP32-based boards with Toit Package based on the Toit language


Toit Qubitro connector package is a custom library specifically designed for Qubitro connectivity and offers the easiest connectivity experience.
This package manages TLS certification for secure connectivity and automatically sets required fields like client ID.

Getting MQTT Credentials

The only required credentials are Device ID and Device Token, which can be copied from the Settings tab under device details on Qubitro Portal.
Click Add source -> MQTT -> Choose Toit
Fill the basic information and get the example code snippet.
Credentials are also available under device settings anytime.
Utilize all Qubitro features.

Getting Started

You can either use the Toit cloud service or use Jaguar, which is an open-source tool for deployment across a local network.
For the easiest starting point, we recommend working with Jaguar.

Install Jaguar

Follow the provided steps to install jag binary for your host platform ->
Run the following CLI command to install Toit <> Qubitro connector.
jag pkg install
toit pkg install qubitro

Publishing data

Once your development environment is ready to communicate with your device/s, try publishing test data by creating a new file and pasting the example below.
import qubitro
client ::= qubitro.connect
while true:
client.publish { "temperature": random 100 }
print "Data published to Qubitro!"
sleep --ms=2000

Examples & Toit Documentation

GitHub - kasperl/toit-qubitro: Qubitro connector for the ESP32 based on the Toit language.

Support and Feedback

If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to join
-> Qubitro Community Forum -> Community Discord via this invitation link.