Tektelic Sensors
Deploying monitoring for commercial environments has never been easier!
We partnered with Tektelic to show just how quick and easy deploying a monitoring solution is with the help of Qubitro and The Things Stack, Tektelic offers two sensors we are going to show here the base sensor and PIR sensor, both of which have a temperature, humidity, acceleration, and magnet sensing. The base sensor also has leak monitoring and a pulse input, with the leak monitoring using a clever capacitance sensor to avoid external components or making contact with the water. The PIR sensor doesn't have those two but does have a PIR sensor.

Our Tektelik Project

Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook, Maine
We chose to use the Tektelic products for monitoring an old brick mill building in Maine, there are many similar buildings in the state which require monitoring to make maintenance easier. They are up against rivers in harsh environments and can be leaky, they have many areas that are not safe for people to enter, and have many reoccurring problems that keep the maintenance staff busy so having a system to alert when a common problem occurs frees up time that would have been spent doing rounds.
LoRaWAN is perfect for the role of monitoring within these buildings since other wireless technologies have a hard time reaching through the many brick walls in the wide building, and the Tektelic sensors are perfect due to their lack of maintenance with the battery lasting years, and is very easy and quick to place new sensors down with little technical knowledge. We also used the Tektelic gateway since its battery and cellular backups are perfect in case power and or internet goes down, which happens occasionally.

Tektelic Sensor Deployment

Monitoring of a restricted access doorway in the basement
From the box the sensors come in, there is the sensor itself, and a thin metal mount with a double-sided 3M sticky pad. This makes installing the sensor a breeze, we recommend sliding the sensor on the mount, stick the pad on the back of the mount, then pressing the sensor on the place you want it to be, make sure there is enough clearance above the sensor to allow you to press the tiny mount tab under the sensor and lift it off so you can change the battery in the future.
parent LoRaWAN page to set up a Things Stack Application and Qubitro integration. With the sensors should have been a paper in order to setup the sensor, connect your gateway to The Things Stack or be in the range of a nearby public LoRaWAN gateway, and follow the steps in the h the Device and Application EU, as well as an application key, grab it and keep it handy. Select add end device in the End device tab of your application in the TTS portal, under the brand you should be able to search for Tektelic Communications Inc. and under model your specific sensor. Enter the frequency plan for your region you'd like to use, and enter the device EUI, application EUI, and application key we mentioned before in the text boxes. After pressing the register end device button, you should be able to see the device under the End devices section, shortly the sensor should connect to the network and you'll see the traffic under the live date section.
Adding the PIR sensor
That's it! These are quick and simple to install and that's all it took! The device will then appear in Qubitro and you'll see the live data after the first post.

TekTelic Gateway Setup

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