MKR 1000 WiFi

Getting Started

Before getting started, make sure that required libraries are installed by visiting the setup page


Include the required libraries and define objects on top of the page.

#include <QubitroMqttClient.h>
#include <WiFi101.h>
WiFiClient wifiClient;
QubitroMqttClient mqttClient(wifiClient);


Define the required variables.

char deviceID[] = "PASTE_DEVICE_ID_HERE";
char deviceToken[] = "PASTE_DEVICE_TOKEN_HERE";
char host[] = "_IP_";
int port = 1883;

Data Structure

Qubitro currently has support for key-value paired JSON objects as a data type. Nested values are not supported yet.

"Key1" : "Value1",
"Key2" : true,
"Key3" : 90

An example : "{\"Temp\":33}"

Setup method

  • Set client id for identification

  • Set device id and token for authentication

  • Connect to the Qubitro broker

  • Subscribe to the topic

  • Set onMessage method to listen subscribed topic

void setup()
mqttClient.setDeviceIdToken(deviceID, deviceToken);
Serial.println("Connecting to Qubitro...");
if (!mqttClient.connect(host, port))
Serial.println("Connection failed! Error code = ");
Serial.println("Visit or create a new issue on");
while (1);
Serial.println("Connected to the Qubitro !");

The loop method

  • Publish data to the subscribed topic

void loop()
delay(2000); //wait 2 seconds

receivedMessage method

  • Print whenever message received

void receivedMessage(int messageSize)
Serial.print("New message received:");
while (mqttClient.available())


The following example :

  1. Connects to the broker

  2. Subscribes to the topic (the device itself in this example)

  3. Publishes data in a loop with a delay of 2 seconds.

  4. Prints message and subscribed topic (the device itself in this example)

Example output:

Connecting to WiFi...
Connected to the WiFi
Connecting to Qubitro...
Connected to the Qubitro !
New message received:{"Temp":33}
New message received:{"Temp":33}
New message received:{"Temp":33}

Issues and Feedback

Visit our GitHub page for libraries or documentation issues and examples.

You may ask any question through the chatbot or share a feedback by visiting the Qubitro Feedback platform.